‘Arry and Crouchy.

Peter Crouch is 6ft 7″.

Peter Crouch has 22 England goals, in 42 Englands games.

Peter Crouch total transfer fee’s total £43,560,000.

Now, Queens Park Rangers want to make an offer for Crouchy once more. To perhaps, tip his transfer fees over the £50m threshold. The manager that is after his services, is once again, Harry Redknapp, whom Crouch has played for on four different occasions.

Firstly at Portsmouth; 37games 18goals. Next at rivals Southampton; 18games 12goals. Then again at Portsmouth; 38games 11goals. Most recently at Tottenham; 73games 12goals. A total of; 166games 53goals. So near to a ratio of 3games 1goal.

With QPR desperately looking to bolster their team’s depth, whilst in the relegation dog-fight they are embroiled in, Harry has looked to a consistant performer. A consistant goalscorer. A consistent threat.

Peter Crouch scores goals.

Can this be he signing that saves QPR’s season. You tell me.



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