The west’s waiting will bring only war.

As rumours circulate this evening that up to 15,000 Russian troops are now in and around the Crimea
The west is not even filled with empty rhetoric, let along strong words or actions.


I spoke, only days ago in my Cold War blog about the scale of the issue currently escalating daily in Ukraine. Yet, the situation has only got severely worse, with the threat of a split nation ever more possible, but still without a significant response from either the UK, US or EU.

Those at the helms are only letting down the people of the Ukraine that want to continue to be part of a unified nation. Whilst only helping to stoke the fire for the groups that want the tug-of-war to carve up the pro-EU and pro-Russian country.

The actions of the Putin are possible only because he knew that the west’s reaction would be that of silence and a hush-hush mentality. We made this possible.

Instead, the LA Times are reporting today how Obama was running around the Whitehouse a great use of his very important time, eh?

My question is this; has the West lost it’s once feared force.

Obama and Cameron’s yellow ways continue to allow tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people to be incarcerated in labour camps, in the mountainous region of North Korea, yet nothing is done either.

These are world issues; Obama is seemingly just cruising through his second term, not wanting to rock the boat, and must go down as the most anti-climaxically challenged (if that’s even a term) President for a very, very long time.
Whilst Cameron is even incapable of helping the residents of his own country after the recent floods, Merkel seems to want to run the EU these days, and we all know about Hollande…

Are these four major players going to head us towards a fiercer Cold War than before?

One things for sure, silence and empty rhetoric is not golden, actions need to happen.