The west’s waiting will bring only war.

As rumours circulate this evening that up to 15,000 Russian troops are now in and around the Crimea
The west is not even filled with empty rhetoric, let along strong words or actions.


I spoke, only days ago in my Cold War blog about the scale of the issue currently escalating daily in Ukraine. Yet, the situation has only got severely worse, with the threat of a split nation ever more possible, but still without a significant response from either the UK, US or EU.

Those at the helms are only letting down the people of the Ukraine that want to continue to be part of a unified nation. Whilst only helping to stoke the fire for the groups that want the tug-of-war to carve up the pro-EU and pro-Russian country.

The actions of the Putin are possible only because he knew that the west’s reaction would be that of silence and a hush-hush mentality. We made this possible.

Instead, the LA Times are reporting today how Obama was running around the Whitehouse a great use of his very important time, eh?

My question is this; has the West lost it’s once feared force.

Obama and Cameron’s yellow ways continue to allow tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people to be incarcerated in labour camps, in the mountainous region of North Korea, yet nothing is done either.

These are world issues; Obama is seemingly just cruising through his second term, not wanting to rock the boat, and must go down as the most anti-climaxically challenged (if that’s even a term) President for a very, very long time.
Whilst Cameron is even incapable of helping the residents of his own country after the recent floods, Merkel seems to want to run the EU these days, and we all know about Hollande…

Are these four major players going to head us towards a fiercer Cold War than before?

One things for sure, silence and empty rhetoric is not golden, actions need to happen.


Premiership? You can stick it.


Arsenal have been knocked out of the FA Cup, Wenger is again seen as an idiot, despite building foundations of a major-lasting legacy.

Chelsea fansseem to hate Benitez, subjecting him to huge abuse every game. See my other blog.

Manchester City almost seem to demand trophies, based on money spent.

Well, I support Crystal Palace, a team with well-documented ups and downs over the past five.. No ten.. No twenty… years.

I have enjoyed the ups and downs, the promotion to the Premier League, the relegation scraps, the moments from being closed down. Since 2005 we have been in the Championship, and it has all been exciting. Especially this season with Holloway coming in, losing Freedman long-term will turn out to be a great move.

Don’t get me wrongI would love to sneak second place from under Hull’s nose this season, or win the play-offs and go up to the Premier League. Yes.

However, Arsenal fans are slaughtering Wenger. Chelsea fans are publicly abusing Benitez. Manchester City fans seem to just expect a trophy due to their capital.

It is at time like these when I am quite glad that I support what would probably be classed as obscurely (due to it not being a club in the top-four) a Championship team.

I have gotten to the stage where I want Stoke, West Brom and Everton – and the teams that have to skilfully work their way up the Premier League, on a shoe-string budget to win every week. Just to add some competitive edge into the league.

Keep up the good work Football League, the real fans love you for it.

Boris Johnson, give the man credit.


To some he is the London Major.

To some he is the blundering, odd looking man that will occasionally appear on Newsnight or Question Time.

To me, he is the next leader of the Conservative party, and in turn, a future Prime Minister.

His charisma is refreshing. His belief is unbeatable. And he is actually a nice bloke (compare him with Mandleson, and then disagree with me).

Well today, I read that Boris had failed to spend the £111m pounds given to London to be able to spend on infrastructure of businesses and help the capital’s economy grow.

My first thought (as a Midlander) was typical. ‘Oh yes, give some investment to the capital, but we are always reading that the likes of Newcastle and Hull have incredibly high unemployment, but the North is as its always been; forgotten. These days if you are not in London, it is sometimes possible to conceive that you do not exist in politicians eyes’.

My second thought was to express disbelief in why this was even being brought into question.
Firstly, this country is currently teetering on the threshold of a triple-dip recession, and we are there because of poor managing of the countries’ finances. Yet, here Boris is being criticised for actually being sensible.

Secondly, Labour shout from the rooftops that Boris is letting his city down. Yet, do they express what they would invest in, and do with that money? Mo. Do you hear Ken Livingstone or another would-be candidate, emphasising how they would do things differently? No.

So for now, we need to see Boris (who last year, people were idolising through the Olympics and Jubilee) get through this year, and then see what he is putting in place in the Capital, as he goes about the investment sensibly.

The once-member of the Bullingdon Club is actually a very clever man.

Even if he did run after a mugger shouting ‘Oik’.
Or, even if he did compare a change in race laws to ‘Caecescau’s Romania’.

To read the report, click here.