The return of Billy W*ank

imageSo, Billy Davies – the man, that at Derby County publicly berated the Chairman and board to throw more money at his ever-slipping tenure.

He then moved Clough-like down the A52 to rivals Nottingham Forest. This man was nowhere near Brian Clough. A faker. A mardy, annoying; Scotsman.

As his time at Forest began to slowly ebb away, he became the same despicable man he’d become at Derby. Publicly criticising the board for lack of investment, despite significant amounts ring thrown at him, in comparison to other cash-strapped teams in the Championship.

He has now returned. Almost ridiculously ironically as Alex McLeish has left due to; lack of investment, and the board not backing him.

I don’t know if it is just me, but…. WHAT THE F*CK?


‘Arry and Crouchy.

Peter Crouch is 6ft 7″.

Peter Crouch has 22 England goals, in 42 Englands games.

Peter Crouch total transfer fee’s total £43,560,000.

Now, Queens Park Rangers want to make an offer for Crouchy once more. To perhaps, tip his transfer fees over the £50m threshold. The manager that is after his services, is once again, Harry Redknapp, whom Crouch has played for on four different occasions.

Firstly at Portsmouth; 37games 18goals. Next at rivals Southampton; 18games 12goals. Then again at Portsmouth; 38games 11goals. Most recently at Tottenham; 73games 12goals. A total of; 166games 53goals. So near to a ratio of 3games 1goal.

With QPR desperately looking to bolster their team’s depth, whilst in the relegation dog-fight they are embroiled in, Harry has looked to a consistant performer. A consistant goalscorer. A consistent threat.

Peter Crouch scores goals.

Can this be he signing that saves QPR’s season. You tell me.